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It’s almost here! Can’t wait to see everyone at the big reunion!

Amy’s Wedding?

When was it?  Did anyone go that has pictures?  I just haven’t heard anything except that it was to be in May and since May is almost over, I’m thinking it’s already passed or is in the next couple of days.  Does anyone have any info?

Traditional Easter Pose

At the Green’s we celebrate easter a week early so that the Lesters could celebrate in Delta on Easter.  We have been continuing the Hutchinson traditional after hunt picture on the steps.  Thought that I would share it here as well.

Top: Olivia

Middle: Ethan, Ashton, Cayden

Bottom: Dylan and Caitlin

Baby Girl Hirschi

This is the first picture of baby girl Hirschi (I am pretty sure it was taken with a camera phone, hence the graininess). She was born very early this morning at 5lbs 14oz and 19 inches long. No name as of the last time I talked to anyone in Ephraim. I’m sure Angela will post some more stuff when she gets home and starts feeling better.

Update on Grandma

Just got a message from Trish today that Grandma should be finally going home tomorrow (Monday).  Wednesday and Thursday were really bad days but she started having some broth on Friday and seems to be doing very well with it. We all know how much Grandma loves having people wait on her and feeling helpless so I am sure she is very glad to be going home. I am sure she would appreciate any cards or get well messages. If you want to call you might want to try Trish on her cell first (801-648-8876) just in case Grandma is sleeping since I am sure she will need to continue to get a lot of rest.  I will try to update again if I hear anything new!

*Update 11/9/09*

Via email from Trish:

Our kind Father in Heaven has answered our prayers as we hoped He would!!  Dr. Wilson just came in (Dr. Morrell is out of town) and told mom they want to send her home!  They should be home before noon!  Life is SO good!!!

Additionally, for those in this area who might have wanted to gather on Saturday for mom’s birthday, she wanted me to tell all of you that because she will still be recuperating from this ordeal, and because there is so much sickness around, she would like to postpone any festivities until the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 27 (an incentive for her to have it that day is that she realized Sue and Brad will be here then and most everyone who is sick now should be better—at least we hope so).    For Saturday, you are welcome to call her on the phone, or pass by briefly and wish her well, but we won’t be doing anything that day.  She just wanted me to let you all know.  (There is a great florist in Bowman’s store (Hepworth Floral 801-543-2226) in case anyone would like to order flowers for that day—I would be happy to pick it up if necessary)

Thanks for all your support!  I have no doubt it was by uniting our faith that this positive outcome was achieved!

Much love to all,

Trish Hutchinson

Grandma’s Surgery

I’m sure most of you know that Grandma went in for surgery Wednesday due to a blockage in her intestine.  According to the emails I’ve been getting from my dad, she wasn’t keeping anything down and was severly dehydrated when Trish took her to the hospital.  They tried various things, but she still wasn’t getting any better so they took her in for surgery.  The surgery went great and they cleared the blockage and now she’s in the hospital under their watchful eyes.  My dad said that she might have to be there for up to a week-geez, Grandma’s going to love that.  Anyway, the information we have is limited and if anyone else knows more than that, or has a recent update of how she’s doing, that would be most appreciated.  Thanks!